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The Process
Call for nominations and media campaign:
13th March - closing 2 May 2012

First panel of adjudicator’s meeting
4 May 2012

Second and final panel of adjudicator’s meeting
18 May 2012

List of adjudicators and their profiles:

Dr Ingrid Verwey
Architect and Specialist, Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Brief profile

Ms Nomonde Mesatywa

Chief Director BEE, Department of Trade and Industries

Brief profile

Mr Muzi Nkosi

National Chairperson, Disabled people of South Africa

Brief profile

Mr Gary Joseph

Director Linkages, National Business Initiatives

Brief profile

Mr Ludwick Marishane

University Of Cape Town student.
Founder of Headboy Industries Inc and inventor of Dry Bath

Brief profile
Award Categories
Highest contributor Most jobs created Most innovative initiative Initiatives, most marginalised Entity with biggest improvement in contributions year on year

Percentage Enterprise Development contributions in relation to Net Profit After Tax.

Initiative that created highest number of jobs.

Most creative and “Out of the box” thought through initiative.

Initiatives focusing on:
- Youth
- Disabled
- Rural Areas
- Women

Highest increase in percentage Enterprise Development contributions in relation to Net Profit After Tax, year on year
Endorsed by

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