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Executive Summary
Enterprise Development (ED) is one of the 7 elements contained within the B- BBEE scorecard whose basic goal is to assist accelerate development, sustainability, financial and operational independence of beneficiary enterprises through contributions by the measured entities. E.D. counts 15 points towards the scorecard.

Enterprise Development contributions consist of monetary, non monetary, recoverable and non recoverable contributions initiated in favour of a beneficiary entity by a measured entity. This is commonly accomplished through the expansion of the beneficiary financial and/or operational capacity as well as introduction or expansion of market exposure.

Whilst Enterprise Development carries the same weighting, of 15 points, as employment equity and skills development this element has not received as much attention because of the uncertainty around its requirements and yet Enterprise Development implemented properly has the greatest potential to drive economic growth and poverty reduction.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that in the new grow path document unveiled by the Minister of Economic Development in November 2011 the Enterprise Development element has been singled out as the one element of the scorecard that government relies upon to drive the creation of jobs through entrepreneur development and support.
It is against this background that VuMaLi Empowerment Advisors will be organising Enterprise Development awards to:
  1. Elevate the Enterprise Development element and create awareness of its requirements;
  2. Acknowledge companies that implement this element and encouraging others to follow suit;
  3. Showcase the different company initiatives to highlight the possibilities; and
  4. Encourage companies to participate in the country’s economic growth initiatives through enterprise development.
Award Categories
Highest contributor Most jobs created Most innovative initiative Initiatives, most marginalised Entity with biggest improvement in contributions year on year

Percentage Enterprise Development contributions in relation to Net Profit After Tax.

Initiative that created highest number of jobs.

Most creative and “Out of the box” thought through initiative.

Initiatives focusing on:
- Youth
- Disabled
- Rural Areas
- Women

Highest increase in percentage Enterprise Development contributions in relation to Net Profit After Tax, year on year
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