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VuMaLi is a 100% Black women owned and managed consulting company formed in 2007 to render research based services in the Enterprise Development area of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Codes of Good Practise. Research indicates that limited progress has been made in implementing Enterprise Development and yet this has a 15% weighting in BBBEE scorecard, equivalent to employment equity and skills development.

Enterprise Development has a potential to make an impact on the economic growth of South Africa through the development of the SME sector and yet corporates have not paid much attention to the area for various reasons. VuMaLi identified this niche and undertakes to assist in unpacking and implementing this area of the scorecard in a manner that makes business sense for both the corporates and entrepreneurs being developed.


We acknowledge that Enterprise Development is a global concept that countries the world over utilise to develop entrepreneurs thus facilitating economic growth. We view and treat enterprise development as a broader concept than the BBBEE element that is referred to in South Africa.

VuMaLi’s main focus is the development of strategies, in line with company strategies, for the design and implementation of Enterprise Development focusing on the following:
  • Enterprise Development (ED) Strategy Design
  • ED Strategy implementation and monitoring
  • ED reporting for BBBEE scoring purposes

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